ZALIN: Women’s Activities Platform issues statement with slogan “Together we protect our revolution and liberate our lands”

ZALIN (QAMISHLI), Syria – With the approach of March 8, International Women’s Day, the platform for special events for women in North and East Syria issued a statement in which it revealed the program of activities that all women’s movements and organizations in the region will carry out.

The Syriac Women’s Union participated in the issued statement. Georgette Barsom, head of the union branch in Zalin, told our news desk, “This statement launched the special activities of International Women’s Day under the slogan, “Together we protect our revolution and liberate our lands.” 

Congratulations were extended to all women of the world of all kinds, to every mother of a martyr, and to every female detainee who paid the price of freedom of thought and opinion.

Barsom added that the eighth of March is the fruit of the ongoing and historical women’s struggle all over the world. Through it, an appeal was made to the women of the world to constantly unite ranks in preserving the gains achieved by women, and to remember the challenges, difficulties, and suffering women have faced from the authoritarian masculine thought.

The Syriac Women’s Union official indicated that through the platform of events, a picture was made clear of the situation of women in Syria and women in northeastern Syria, as well as what women have been subjected to in the areas of Syria occupied by Turkey, including violence, rape, exclusion, forced marriage, and many other violations that rise to an inhumane level and are considered war crimes.

Georgette Barsom pointed out that “International Women’s Day is special because women have attained many achievements, and in turn, feminist organizations in North and East Syria appealed to all women in the country to unite, emphasizing that the issue of women is one issue, so everyone must be on one side.”

She drew attention to the radical societal change that women in the region have achieved in all aspects of life, and highlighted how the women of northeast Syria became an icon in front of the world by establishing the Democratic Autonomous Administration and playing a role in this administration, saying that women in northeast Syria can be a mother, a leader, a military, a politician, and a diplomat all at the same time.

Georgette Barsom said: “We put our experience before the women of the world and unite our cause because the issue of women is a public and societal issue, and through it we are a solution to society’s problems, in order to build a just, democratic and free society.”