IRAQ: Competition of Christian education held in schools of Bartella

BARTELLA, Iraq — On Tuesday, the General Directorate of Syriac Study, the Syriac Study Department of Baghdede Education, and the Syriac Study Department of Nineveh Education held a competition covering the Christian education curriculum.

The competition was held for the 6th grade of primary school at the Cultural Center Hall in the Church of Mor Gewargees in the Bartella district in Nineveh Plains.

The competition was attended by eight schools, including Al-Rajaa Private School, Mor Yahqoub Al-Bartelli National School, Al-Haneen Syriac School, First Bartella School for Boys, First Bartella School for Girls, Second Bartella School for Boys, Second Bartella School for Girls, and Karamlesh Mixed School.

It was attended by Director of Syriac Study Department of Nineveh Education Samir Youkhanna, Specialized Educational Supervisor for Christian Education Mazen Youhanna Sliwa, and Official of the Syriac Study Department of Baghdede Education Riyad Quryaqos, in addition to school principals and educational staff.

The competition started with choosing three students from each school to represent the schools in the competition.

The questions included true and false, fill-in-the-blanks, completing verses, and matching words with choices.

Al-Rajaa Private School ranked first, Mor Yahqoub Al-Bartelli National School second, and Second Bartella School for Girls third.

Gifts were presented to all participating students. Certificates of thanks and appreciation were presented to Christian Education teachers, those responsible for the students and members of the jury.

The Director of the Syriac Studies Department in Nineveh Education Youkhanna delivered a speech in which he stressed the importance of students’ participation in such competitions.