Universal Syriac Union Party expresses support for Lebanese Forces Party candidate for Beirut Eli Charbachi

BEIRUT – Ibrahim Mrad, President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP), affirmed his party’s support for all the Lebanese Forces candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections in a meeting with Lebanese Forces candidate Eli Charbachi who runs for the minority seat in the Beirut constituency district I. Ibrahim Mrad received lawyer Charbachi and journalist Dani Karsh at the party’s headquarters in Sad El Baouchriyeh, together with USUP’s internal affairs secretary Joseph Hajjar and legal affairs secretary Wadih Nasr.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the current political affairs, the affairs of the Syriacs in the country and the other components unjustly placed under the category of minorities. The two parties also reviewed the relationship and the political alliance between the two parties. They affirmed the continuity of the strong and distinguished relationship, wrought with the blood of the martyrs, and loyalty to the cause of free Christian existence and loyalty to Lebanon.

The Universal Syriac Union Party has expressed its support for the Lebanese Forces Party in the elections because of its role in raising the voice and affairs of the Syriac component, and it not being recognized in Lebanese Parliament where Syriacs have no seat in their own name. Regarding Charbachi’s candidacy, Mrad announced USUP’s full support with all its capabilities and commitment for Charbachi’s success. He said that Charbachi “represents our ambitions and resembles us ideologically, intellectually and politically. The most important thing that distinguishes him from the rest of the candidates is that he adheres to and is proud of his Syriac identity, and he is active in the Syriac ecclesiastical and secular institutions.”

Mrad reiterated the party’s support for the Lebanese Forces Party candidates in all constituencies which comes as a consolidation of the common struggle in defense of the free and active Christian presence, for all the Lebanese and for the homeland Lebanon. The common struggle also focuses on lifting the Christian cover of some political parties for the Iranian occupation Hezbollah militia providing a base for Iranian terrorism in Lebanon, Mrad said.

For his part, Eli Charbachi thanked the party for its support for him and all the other candidates of the Lebanese Forces Party, stressing that he and his party will carry the message of defending the identity of the Syriac people and the other eastern sects, and defending Lebanon. He added that he will work with all his energy, if elected, to lift the “minority” designation for six Christian sects and secure their legitimate rights.