Turkey issues arrest warrants against 11 women for participating in various activities

OMID, Turkey — The Turkish authorities launched a campaign of arrests against women in Omid (Diyarbakir), in the country’s southeast.

Twenty-five women were arrested to prevent the celebrations of Nowruz — a holiday marking the arrival of the spring or vernal equinox celebrated worldwide by various ethnic groups — in Omid according to the Women’s News Agency (JINHA).

Among the women who were taken to court on 18 March was the president of the Rosa Women’s Association Adalah Kaya, Fatma Gultekin, and Neven Oyman. Some of the detainees were released by judicial procedures.

During the interrogation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the women were asked about the reason for their participation in a march held on International Women’s Day and for participating in the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, in addition to participating in protests against withdrawing from the Istanbul Convention.

An arrest warrant was issued for 11 women who were detained as part of the investigation conducted by the Public Prosecution Office in Omid following questioning.