Suryoyo traditions: “Siboro”, the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

@gazetesabro – On March 25, Syriacs (Suryoye) celebrate “Siboro”, the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary which falls within the period of Great Lent. Siboro means Annunciation, Announcement or Good Tiding in the Syriac language.

In Syriac Church Tradition, on the night of Siboro all sorts of grain are collected from the fields and mixed in dough to make bread which is blessed by a priest – ܛܰܒܥܳܐ.

On Siboro Day, white and red threads are wounded and put on. The white thread symbolizes the divine nature and purity of Jesus Christ. The red thread symbolizes the human nature. Jesus Christ was crucified for the Salvation of humanity. The red and white threads are wounded to represent the divine nature uniting with the human nature through Mary.

On the night of Siboro, all sorts of grain are mixed in dough.

The Siboro wrapped white and red threads are worn on the wrist or neck until Easter (Syriac: “Nuhomo”) after which they are burned on Easter Monday.