BETH ZALIN: Women’s Council in North and East Syria concludes its conference with a set of recommendations

The conference of the Women's Council in North and East Syria, held under the slogan "Syrian women under the Turkish occupation: suffering - steadfastness - resistance", concluded with a number of recommendations to solve the Syrian crisis, foremost of which is the need to liberate all areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries.

BETH ZALIN (QAMISHLI), Syria – The Women’s Council in North and East Syria began on Thursday a conference under the slogan “Syrian women under the Turkish occupation: suffering – steadfastness – resistance”, in Zana Hall in the city of Beth Zalin (Qamishli), with the participation of the co-chair of the Syriac Union Party in Syria, Nazira Goreya, Syriac Women’s Union in Syria official, Ilham Matli, along with members and representatives of the institutions of the Democratic Autonomous Administration.

The conference focused on Syrian women under the Turkish occupation in terms of political, social and human rights.

The human rights axis indicated that: “The Turkish state committed war crimes and crimes against humanity after its intervention in the Syrian crisis and its aggression against North and East Syria, and it began to control the course of events, as it aimed to occupy the region, sponsor extremist organizations, and prevent their demise. It threatened the security and safety of the indigenous communities in the region, especially the Kurds, Syriacs, and Yazidis, and its first operations began in the towns of Tel Hasel and Tel Aran, where it committed mass massacres against peaceful people.”

The conference came out with a number of recommendations to complete the course of struggle and hard work until the Turkish occupation was expelled from all occupied Syrian lands, the liberation of all Syrian women from the violations applied against them, their return to their homes with dignity and honor, and a peaceful political solution to the Syrian crisis and the building of a pluralistic, democratic, decentralized Syria.

The recommendations included: “To resolve the Syrian crisis, all occupied areas must be liberated and the Turkish forces and their mercenary factions must be expelled.”

In addition to working to return the forcibly displaced to their properties with international guarantees, and criminalizing Turkey for violations committed by its forces or with its support, and prosecuting it before international courts, the solution to the Syrian crisis must be in Syria and in the hands of the Syrians, through political negotiations in which all Syrians participate, without exclusion, to determine their fate according to the recommendations in the final statement of the conference.