Mixed volleyball tournament launched at Fourth Mor Gewargis Festival in Telsqof, Iraq

TELSQOF, Iraq — On Wednesday afternoon, a mixed volleyball tournament was held in the town of Telsqof in Nineveh Plains, Iraq, at the Ashur Preparatory School Stadium.

The first match was between al-Salam and Mor Gewargis Youth. It ended with the Mor Gewargis Youth team winning 2-0.

The Telsqof Club team won against the team of Telsqof High School Two for boys.

Seven teams participate in this tournament: al-Salam, Mor Gewargis Youth, Telsqof Club, Telsqof High School One, Telsqof High School Two, al-Mahabah, and Mor (Saint) Jacob Youth.

The first activity of the Fourth Mor Gewargis Festival started on Tuesday afternoon. It included matches of the five-a-side football championship at al-Mahabah Stadium, in which eight teams competed.