Representative of Lebanese Forces party in Sweden holds election party for candidate George Akis

ÖREBRO, Sweden – With the participation of hundreds of representatives of the Lebanese Forces party and the Universal Syriac Union Party in Sweden, an election ceremony was organized in the city of Örebro for Lebanese Forces candidate George Akis, to support him in the upcoming Lebanese parliamentary elections.

With the approaching date of the Lebanese parliamentary elections, political parties are working to nominate candidates. Among those active parties in Lebanon is the Lebanese Forces party headed by Samir Geagea.

The party has put forward the name of judge and former president of the Court of First Instance in Beirut, George Akis, who held several sensitive positions in previous Lebanese governments, to be the party’s candidate for the Zahle constituency.

Given the presence of a Lebanese community and representatives of the party in Sweden, Elias Sarkis, head of the Lebanese Forces branch in Sweden, organized an election party for Akis in the Swedish city of Örebro on Saturday evening, to mobilize the community’s support for the candidate in the elections.

The ceremony took place with the participation of about three hundred people from representatives of the party’s branches in various Swedish cities, in addition to representatives of the Universal Syriac Union Party, who received an official invitation to attend the ceremony.

The ceremony began with a scouting show and the playing of both the Lebanese national anthem and the anthem of the Lebanese Forces party, after which Akis gave a speech in which he presented his electoral program, saying that the previous and current governments had brought Lebanon nothing but calamities, ruin and successive crises, and entrusted the country to several external parties such as “Iran’s party and its arm Hezbollah” without caring about the interest and will of the Lebanese people. He added that Hezbollah is the one who runs the country even though its administration is supposed to be from the presidential palace in Baabda, and he also singled out the government’s decisions, adding that the Christian cover on Hezbollah is what gives it the justification to commit its crimes against the state and the Lebanese people.

Akis continued, stressing the need for all Lebanese, at home and abroad, to participate in the elections in order to remove Hezbollah and its followers from the pawned parties, rebuild Lebanon, strengthen its economy and collapsed infrastructure, keep it neutral and independent, and strengthen its international plans.

Akis concluded his speech by thanking the attendees and those in charge of the ceremony, praising their role in conveying the voice of the honorable and achieving justice for Lebanon and the Lebanese.