Syriac Military Spokesperson Matay Hanna condemns Turkish targeting of MFS leader Orom Maroge

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — On Sunday evening, a Turkish attack targeted the leader of the Syriac Military Council (Mawtbo Fulḥoyo Suryoyo, MFS) Orom Maroge.

In a statement to SyriacPress, MFS spokesperson Matay Hanna said that Turkish forces continue to bombard civilian areas, especially near Abu Rasayn (Zarkan) and the Syriac–Assyrian villages of Tel Tamr.

He added that several villages were bombed yesterday afternoon, injuring a civilian who was transferred to the hospital by the military forces on the lines of contact.

“Yesterday evening, the Turkish forces targeted the electric power plant in Tel Tamr, which is adjacent to the Russian military base, leaving it out of service,” said Hanna. “Within the framework of coordination operations with the Russian forces to document the Turkish violations, MFS leader Maroge, accompanied by a Russian interpreter, was bombed by a Turkish drone.

Hanna stated that they both were injured and taken to the hospital, but currently their condition is stable.

Hanna held Turkey responsible for the escalation and violations in the region.

“The Turkish attacks on civilians and infrastructure, and the targeting of the MFS leaders aim to break the unity of the ethnic groups in North and East Syria, break the will of the popular resistance, support terrorism, and change the demography of the region,” he added.

Hanna criticized the silence of the Russian military forces in the region as a ceasefire guarantor. He stressed that the MFS will continue to defend civilians and confront the Turkish attacks within the framework of legitimate defense.