Norwegian Refugee Council highlights gaps in Iraqi education system

NINEVEH, Iraq — In a report, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) detailing how collapsed infrastructure and limited investment in Iraq have had a catastrophic effect on education in the country. The report stressed that Iraq needs 10,000 new school buildings to return children to safe and high-quality education.

“Formal education in Iraq has been significantly disrupted as a result of the conflict and displacement,” read the report.

It also indicated that additional resources and investments for the professional development of teachers are needed.

Schools are also in need of support in training management. Teachers in more than 60% of schools lacked properly trained management.

Teacher recruitment has also declined. In Nineveh Governorate, there is 1 teacher for every 57 students, which greatly affects the quality of learning. More than half of the schools surveyed need rehabilitation to meet basic hygiene and safety standards.