Ibrahim Mrad: We support Lebanese Forces but hope for success of all Sovereign Front members

BEIRUT — Ibrahim Mrad, the head of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon, received journalist Mona Labaki, candidate in the parliamentary elections for the Maronite seat in the Matn constituency on the Matn Change list, to discuss issues of common interest and the party’s role and commitment to support parties opposed to Iranian influence in the country.

Mrad and Labaki discussed current Lebanese affairs, exchanged ideas about electoral programs, and highlighted their shared goal to see Lebanon free of external influence and corruption.

Murd expressed the USUP’s commitment to support all candidates of the Lebanese Forces party across the country, expressing his hope that all loyal Sovereign Front candidates will be on a single list in all regions. He stressed that the victory of any Sovereign Front candidate on any list outside those of employment, dhimma, and mortgage is a victory for the representative party, the Front, and for the Lebanese people.

All parties constituting the Front reject Iranian influence in Lebanon, said Mrad. In the post-election stage, he added, the Front must meet and draw up a comprehensive “rescue plan” for Lebanon and present a strategic project to extricate the country from the many crises that have beset it.

Labaki thanked Mrad for his warm welcome and declared that Syriacs have an honorable history of martyrdom in defense of Lebanon. She affirmed that they are committed to defending Lebanon’s sovereignty and its people to live free and decent lives. Labaki stated that the goal of her candidacy is to serve her country and her society, to preserve the Lebanese identity in all its meanings, and restore the honorable values ​​and principles of political work that serves the people and the country beyond narrow partisan and personal interests.