Political parties praise the achievement of a new national committee for the Syriac people in Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — After the signing on April 1, Ha Nison or Akitu New Year, of the document of Political Understanding between the Syriac Union Party and the Assyrian Democratic Organization, a new joint document was signed on Thursday. A third Syriac party sat down at the coordination table, the Assyrian Democratic Party (‘Gabba’), which has its stronghold in the Khabur Region.

The new national agreement provides for the formation of a Coordination and Consultation Committee between the three national political parties in Syria. The agreement was signed in Tel Tamr, Khabur valley.

In a statement to our news desk, Syriac Union Party official Abir Eliya stated that “it is an important and unprecedented step in the unification of the ranks of the Syriac people with all its names [Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean] and denominations [Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant]. It is considered as a permanent coordination platform to come to a national political umbrella for the Syriac people against the challenges that are facing them in the homeland.”

Representative of the Assyrian Democratic Party in the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Wael Mirza, said: “We, as Syriac-Assyrian parties, have to consider the clear and present danger of the stage we are going through. It threatens our existence.” And; “Although the document comes very late, it is better than never. Hence, the signing of this intention to collaborate and consult,” indicating that the document is crucial in establishing the rights of the Syriac people in the constitution of a new Syria. “It is the first sincere and effective step towards reaching a comprehensive accord that deals with all political issues in the country,” he concluded.

Member of ADO General Secretariat Bashir Saadi stated to our news desk: “We hope that this document will indeed be a first step for the Assyrian Democratic Party to sign the SUP-ADO document of Political Understanding, which was signed on the eve of Akitu 6672.”

He added that the document will also be a step towards a national action plan in the homeland to reach a new, free and democratic Syria, in which the Syriac people will be one of the recognized ethnic people who can fully enjoy their legitimate national rights.

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