Armed robbers captured in Holeb, Syria; Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria arrest ISIS militant

HOLEB, Syria — The Aleppo Organized Crime Bureau arrested several men who robbed a house after impersonating military personnel. According to the official website of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East of Syria, a resident of Holeb reported on 29 March that his home had been robbed by three people dressed as members of the military.

The ISF revealed that the men broke into the resident’s home and tied him up with his wife before stealing 70 grams of gold and 20,000 Syrian Pounds.

During interrogation, the three men admitted that they had carried out the robbery after prior planning and had disguised themselves as military personnel to remove suspicion. , as they had been referring in addition to thefts to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to take legal action against them.

The ISF operates in several autonomously administered neighborhoods in the city which is predominantly controlled by the Syrian regime.

In other security news, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced Tuesday that during a raid by its special forces after midnight on Monday. During the raid, which was conducted in cooperation with the U.S.-led International Coalition, the whereabouts of a military commander of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group was discovered in the village of Nafayel in Hasakah Canton.

The statement said that the detained ISIS leader was active in abductions and involved in planning attacks and assassinations in the Al-Hawl area.

The SDF indicated that they managed to seize documents, technical equipment, cellular devices, and two rifles.