Future Syria Party: Turkey’s goals in Syria and Iraq are occupation and assimilation

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Future Syria Party issued a statement on Wednesday saying that Turkey’s objectives in Syria and Iraq are clear: occupation and Turkification. The statement urged the people of both countries to unite against the Turkish colonial project.

The full statement from the Future Syria Party can be found below:

“The Turkish occupying forces continue with its hostile and aggressive approach to North and East Syria. For several days, the Turkish occupation forces intensified its attacks in the zones of Tal Tamr and Zarkan in North and East Syria. The Turkish occupation forces are exploiting the international preoccupation with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and promoting a new military operation towards our regions.

The Turkish escalation falls in the same context of the multiplication of a democratic experiment wherever it is dreaded by these models. It has carried out intensive aerial bombardment and attacks on the legitimate defense areas of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for the purpose of occupying northern Iraq to annex it to Turkey, extending its control over the region and restoring its Ottoman ambitions.

Turkey has the same objectives for Iraq and Syria, that became apparent through the processes of Turkification and demographic change in Afrin, Jarabulus, and Al-Bab in northern Syria and worked to turn the Syrian opposition leadership into mercenaries who act as they see fit, thus eradicating the Syrian dream of freedom and dignity.”

It is clear that the intervention in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq is intended to undermine security and stability in the region and to expand its control and dominance in the Middle East region. We in the Future Syria Party are turning to all the peoples of the region and world powers to join hands against the Turkish army’s attacks in North and East Syria and northern Iraq.”