Iraqi Prime Minister al-Kadhimi: Iraqi people concerned about consequences of political stalemate

BAGHDAD — During a speech at a ceremony for an Iraqi organization, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi said that Iraq is facing a political crisis and that the Iraqi people believe that hope is created by true democracy, the peaceful transfer of power, the love of the homeland, the defense of the state and its capabilities, and “loyalty to the land first, second, and third.”

Al-Kadhimi noted that there was a general political crisis in the country, a constitutional dispute, and a conflict in the definition of state administration.

In other news, Iraq is moving towards a new step in the fight against terrorism. First Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Hakim al-Zamili called for the need to carry out the death penalty for members of the Islamic State (ISIS).

“The First Deputy Speaker met today with President Barham Saleh and confirmed the legislation of the relevant laws in the fight against corruption, which contribute to strengthening the steps toward reform, in addition to carrying out the execution of Arab and foreign ISIS elements convicted of massacres and terrorist brutal crimes,” his office said in a statement.