Easter Monday (Thnahto): Syriacs gather at the cemeteries of Tur Abdin to be with their departed loved ones

TUR ABDIN, Turkey – On Easter Monday, Syriacs traditionally gather at the graves of their departed loved ones. In the Syriac homeland of Tur Abdin, young and old took to the cemeteries in Midyad, Midin, and Mzizah to pray, remember, to show their generosity in the name of the dead, but also to rejoice and socialize. The Thnahto is a big happening for Syriacs. This year was extra special because it comes after an interval of 2 years due to the corona pandemic.

The Thnahto comes after a 50-day fast and is a great celebration. After the church service, people spread out over the graves, light a candle and place flowers on the graves. They pray to God to give their departed a place in His Kingdom. Syriacs bring eggs, sweets, and food and distribute them at the grave of their deceased. In Midyad and the surrounding villages of Tur Abdin, Syriacs celebrated festively.

In Midyat, hundreds of Syriacs gathered at the Monastery of Mor Abrohom.

Thnahto in Midyad

In Mzizah, the faithful prayed together with their priest at the cemetery.

Thnahto in Mzizah.

In Iraq, there is no tradition where Syriacs visit the graves of their departed loved ones. In the Netherlands, the country with an Syriac-owned cemetery, thousands of Syriacs gathered on Easter Monday at the Monastery of Mor Ephrem.

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