Leaked footage shows massacre committed by Syrian regime in Daramsuq in 2013

DARAMSUQ — On Wednesday, The Guardian published leaked footage obtained by investigative reporters Uğur Ümit Üngör and Annsar Shahhoud showing members of Branch 227 of the Syrian regime’s Military Intelligence Service carrying out mass executions of civilians in the Tadamon neighborhood in southern Daramsuq (Damascus).

The video dates back to 2013 and documents the most notorious massacre committed by Syrian regime forces. Groups of civilians were rounded up, blindfolded, handcuffed, and marched towards an execution pit unaware that they were about to be shot dead. They threw the bodies in the execution pit and burned them.

At least 41 men were killed and dumped into a mass grave in the video, an act which The Guardian described as a war crime.

This graphic footage is, “one of the most indictable videos from the whole Syrian conflict” and “gives us a glimpse into a previously untold part of the 10-year war”, explained The Guardian’s Martin Chulov.

In the full report published by Newlines Magazine, the authors detail how they obtained 27 pieces of evidence depicting the mass murder of 288 civilians, including seven women and 12 children.

In related news, President of the National Coalition for Opposition and Revolutionary Forces of Syria Salem al-Meslet demanded suspending the membership of the Assad regime from the Human Rights Council after it committed the most heinous massacres against the Syrian people.

Al-Meslet stated that the Human Rights Council cannot win the trust of the world with the continued membership of the Syrian regime as it has committed genocide by using various weapons, including chemical weapons.