Department of Migration and Displacement in Nohadra (Duhok), Kurdistan Region of Iraq, receives over 1,200 displaced families from Shigur (Shengal or Sinjar) following Iraqi Army attacks

SHIGUR, Iraq — The Department of Migration and Displacement in Nohadra (Duhok) expected continuous displacement from Shigur (Shengal or Sinjar) due to renewed confrontations between the Iraqi Army and the Shengal Resistance Units (Yekîneyên Berxwedana Şengalê, YBŞ), according to Shafaq news.

On Sunday evening, the Iraqi Army launched attacks on the YBŞ following several days of talks between the two during which the Iraqi Army demanded the YBŞ handover a number of its checkpoints around the region.

Fighting first began around the village of Sinune, in the north of the Shigur region, and spread to Bab Shlo in the east and near Shigur city itself. On Monday, the Iraqi Army claimed to have taken over a YBŞ base in Sinune, having employed tanks, heavy artillery, helicopters, and jet fighters during the fighting.

According to Director of the Department of Migration and Displacement Dian Jaafar, More than 1,200 families have arrived in Nohadra since the beginning of fighting.

Jaafar expected an increased number of internally displaced people (IDPs) due to renewed confrontations in the Sinune and Dugure, noting that the Migration Department, in coordination with international organizations, is providing IDPs with shelter, food and medical care.

In a positive sign, an Iraqi security source in Shigur told North Press Agency that the situation calmed after days of tension.

Spokesman for the Autonomous Administration in Shigur Hisso Ibrahim stated that leaders of the Iraqi Army and the YBŞ conducted negotiations during which understandings were reached.