Ancient Church of the East and Assyrian Church of the East begin reunification talks. Yes we can!

CHICAGO, United States – Two Syriac churches begin talks about reunification today in the Saint Odisho Church in Chicago. The Assyrian Church of the East and the Ancient Church of the East separated in 1967 from what was then the Church of the East. The break was (apparently) due to a dispute about the church calendar. Earlier attempts a few years ago led to no results. But hopes of reunification are high today.

The division between the two churches is the most recent within the universal Church of the East – the Chaldean church, today headed by Patriarch Mar Louis Sako, seceded a very long time ago.

Many Syriacs-Assyrians-Arameans-Chaldeans hope that this will be a historic day. A historical day that will bring hope for more reunification attempts between other Syriac churches.