Norwegian Refugee Council in Al-Hol Refugee Camp in North and East Syria stormed by masked men

AL-HOL, Syria — Several sources indicated that an attack on the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) headquarters in Al-Hol camp in North and East Syria took place on Monday.

The sources stated to North Press Agency that unidentified persons stormed the headquarters of the NRC office in the fifth sector of Al-Hol, took cellphones and laptops from all the people who were in the department, and kidnapped an employee as well.

The sources added that the masked men threatened the employees of the legal office with weapons. The NRC suspended its work in the camp until further notice and withdrew all employees for the camp. The move was soon followed by other organizations operating in the fifth sector in the camp.

The fourth and fifth sectors of Al-Hol Camp, which houses thousands of people affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS), have become notorious for attacks on personnel and murders.