USUP President Ibrahim Mrad calls on Syriac people not to sell their votes

BEIRUT — Ibrahim Mrad, the head of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) posted a video to Facebook in which he said, “Our Syriac–Assyrian people fought and have given martyrs to keep the Christian presence in Lebanon and for it to become a country of democracy, freedom, and pluralism”

Mrad demanded that the Syriac people of Lebanon not sell the blood of their martyrs and their freedom by selling their votes in the upcoming elections for material gain. “The occupier”, said Mrad alluding to Hezbollah, will thus increase chaos and corruption in Lebanon and recover its money from the dignity of the Lebanese people and their country. Most importantly, he added, they will hand over Lebanon to Iran.

Mrad described the upcoming parliamentary elections in Lebanon as historically important, saying that the Sovereign Front for Lebanon bloc must have access to the parliament to put an end to corruption and maintain a free Christian presence.

He also spoke of efforts by some parties to corrupt the election in the Northern Meten region through vote buying.

Mrad concluded by calling on the Syriac and Lebanese people to vote for the Free Meten (Meten al-Hurryya) list to liberate Lebanon from occupation and corruption and to the Lebanese Forces party to preserve dignity and existence.