European and Arab delegations issue Lebanese election observation reports

BEIRUT — Following the final results of the Lebanese election which was overseen by European and Arab delegations, each of the delegations issued a report on the conduct of the electoral process and their observations on misconduct and irregularities. The European delegation stated that it registered occurrences of vote-buying and non-confidentiality of voting.

In addition to intimidation campaigns by some candidates or their supporters, candidates exerted pressure on voters and incitement against other candidates, as well as some observers being harassed in front of the security forces.

The Arab delegation issued eight election statements, highlighting the absurdity that prevailed in some electoral centers which were characterized by chaos, clashes, and fighting among supporters of rival parties.

Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah has admitted the loss of his party and its allies, primarily the Amal Movement and the Free Patriotic Movement.

This loss is seen as a strong blow to Hezbollah and other groups close to Iran, especially after the Lebanese Forces party won the majority of seats on an explicitly “anti-Iran” platform.