Lebanese Forces party secures most votes in Lebanese parliamentary elections

BEIRUT — After a long wait, the Lebanese Ministry of Interior announced the final list results of the Lebanese Cabinet’s quorum, following the counting of full votes in the election centers.

Deputies of the Lebanon Forces party won the largest bloc with 19 seats, while the Free Patriotic Movement, previously the largest party in parliament with 27 seats, secured only 17 seats with its ally Hezbollah winning 13.

President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad, a prominent supporter of Lebanese Forces and its candidates, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to all the Sovereign Front for Lebanon deputies winning the elections, especially those of the Lebanese Forces party.

Mrad stated that Iran’s axis, referring to the Free Patriot Movement and Hezbollah, had waged a political war of intimidation against Lebanese Forces’ candidates and the voting public, including through the breaking of electoral machines, physical intimidation and assault, and attempts at ballot rigging. 

Mrad demanded that all members of the Sovereign Front take advantage of the historic opportunity given to them by the people and do what they can to pull Lebanon out of corruption and avoid civil war.

Mrad thanked all those who had contributed to removing Hezbollah’s “Christian cover” and paid tribute and appreciation to the comrades of the USUP and their electoral efforts.