Syriac women participate in a dialogue session that promotes social integration

ZALIN (Qamishli)— On Saturday, the Ezdina Foundation  held the second dialogue session within the project “Olive Flower” in Zalin (Qamishli) in North and East Syria.

The session was attended by officials of Suroyo Media Foundation Maria Hanna and Hala Mirza, members of the Syriac Union Party (SUP) in Syria Faya Shamoun and Razan Bunyat, women from community organizations and civic activists from different ethnic groups.

The session included several themes, most notably the social stereotype of both genders, and mechanisms to promote gender awareness regarding hate speech or negative stereotypes that impede the societal integration of ethnic and religious groups.

The session included several discussions on women’s role in promoting community integration, as well as the impact of previously acquired cultures on the integration process, in addition to constraints on community integration and how to overcome them through the media role.

The session concluded with a number of recommendations and proposals to reduce hate speech and achieve community cohesion, and reject all forms of violence and extremism.

The “Olive Flower” project has started since early May and will run for five months, with the aim of promoting a culture of fraternity and respect for religious and ethnic pluralism.