Syriac Orthodox Archbishop of Gozarto and Euphrates Mor Maurice Amsih about the 1915 Sayfo Genocide: We forgive, but we do not forget 

ZALIN (QAMISHLI), Syria – In comments to Suroyo FM, Syriac Orthodox Archbishop of Gozarto (Al-Jazirah) and Euphrates Mor Maurice Amsih stated that, “On 15 June, we will commemorate the 107th anniversary of the 1915 Sayfo Genocide, when thousands of Christians were martyred for the sake of Christ in Tur Abdin in Turkey and other areas.”

His Eminence pointed out that the 1915 genocide claimed the lives of a large number of Syriacs (Arameans-Chaldeans-Assyrians), Armenians, Pontic-Greeks and other peoples.

His Eminence added the genocide was committed by the Ottoman Empire at the time to exterminate Christians, with all their denominations, and uproot them from their historical roots.

“We forgive, but we do not forget,” said the archbishop. “The Lord will revenge from the oppressors for the guiltless martyrs.”

His Eminence indicated that the Christians have many Sayfo stories which the grandparents told to the grandchildren.

“The Sayfo Genocide would remain a stain in the humanitarian history. The Christians were brutally and barbarically slaughtered by the Ottoman Turks,” His Eminence declared.

Earlier, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East for the Syriac Orthodox Mor Ignatius Aphrem II had declared 15 June, as Sayfo Genocide Remembrance Day. Masses are usually held in all Orthodox churches in commemoration for the souls of the righteous martyrs.