Syriac Orthodox priest from Zalin, Syria clarifies the meanings of the 1915 Sayfo Genocide from the ecclesiastical point of view

ZALIN (QAMISHLI), Syria – On the advent of the Sayfo Genocide Remembrance Day on 15th June, priest of the Syriac Orthodox Virgin Mary Church in Zalin (Qamishli) Abdul Masih Youssef spoke about the symbols and meanings of the genocide from the ecclesiastical point of view.

In comments to our news desk, the priest stated that the Holy Synod adopted the 15th June as the Sayfo Genocide Remembrance Day, when hundreds of thousands of Christians were slaughtered due to their belief in the Lord Christ and their adherence to their religious beliefs.

The priest added that a Divine Liturgy is annually held to remember the martyrs and pray for them.

He noted that, “On Wednesday, the Divine Liturgy will be held in the Virgin Mary Church to commemorate the 107th anniversary of the Sayfo Genocide committed by the criminals and enemies of humanity- the Ottomans.”

Father Youssef called on the international community and everyone to make the voice of the Syriac (Aramean-Chaldean-Assyrian) people heard and strengthen their presence to be effective among peoples of the world.