Syriac Orthodox youth in Sweden commemorate Sayfo Genocide

SWEDEN — To mark the 107th anniversary of the Sayfo Genocides, the Swedish Syriac Orthodox Youth Foundation organized a commemorative event at the Syriac Orthodox St. Addai Church where speeches were delivered, candles were lit, and wreaths were laid at the memorial of the martyrs of the genocide.

A prayer for the souls of Sayfo martyrs led by Father Adai Maruki was held in front of a memorial to the martyrs in the churchyard. Following the prayer, speeches were delivered by representatives of the youth in which they spoke about the massacres and their history and causes. They pledged to continue remembering the genocide until it is internationally recognized. Attendees then laid wreaths and lit candles at the memorial. 

Saint Addai Church will hold a Divine Liturgy for the souls of the Sayfo martyrs this coming Sunday.