Lebanese MP Ashraf Rifi receives delegation from Universal Syriac Union Party

BEIRUT — Member of Lebanese Parliament Major General Ashraf Rifi received President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad and a companion delegation at his residence in Tripoli, Lebanon.

“We came today to congratulate MP Rifi for the victory he achieved in the parliamentary elections,” said Mrad. “This victory is great and important for the national issue, Lebanese sovereignty and for every Lebanese citizen who stands in the face of pro-Iranian Hezbollah.”

Mrad stated that Rifi proved that he is one of the great leaders of the sovereign resistance in Lebanon in the face of all the plots against the country’s sovereignty.

“Our visit today is a renewal of our confidence in him and a confirmation that we are on his side in the sovereign and national front to liberate Lebanon from Hezbollah’s control,” said Mrad.

Mrad stressed that Lebanon’s poverty and regional isolation are clearly caused by Hezbollah, especially during the ruling of President Michel Aoun.

“We hope that the Lebanese people, who gave their voice to the sovereignist parties, led by Major General Rifi, will continue their support for these forces so that they remain a transformative force that can liberate the country,” Mrad stated.

Rifi, in turn, expressed his pleasure to receive Mrad and the USUP delegation.

“We will not leave the political field until liberating Lebanon,” Rifi said. “Despite all the fabrication to distort our image, we have proven our patriotism.”

Rifi added that they will stand firm and will not give in to the Iranian project, no matter how many missiles and weapons it possesses.

“We have millions of resistance fighters who are betting on the Lebanese Army and the Lebanese state,” he continued, indicating that the Lebanese Army, under wise leadership, has enough experience, wisdom, and flexibility to defend the homeland.

“Hezbollah’s weapons are illegitimate and harm national unity,” said Rifi. “We will not agree to Hezbollah maintaining arms outside the framework of national sovereignty and Lebanese military institutions, no matter the cost. Our bet today is on the Lebanese state only.”