Conference in Brussels demands establishment of autonomous administration for Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian people in Nineveh Plains, Iraq

BRUSSELS — The European Syriac Union (ESU) and Sallux, the official foundation/think tank of the European Christian Political Movement, organized a conference in European Parliament in Brussels to shed light on the cause of the Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian people in Nineveh Plains in Iraq.

Invited to the conference was Dr. Aziz Amanuel, member of the Bethnahrain Patriotic Union (Huyodo d-Bethnahrin Athroyo, HBA), who briefed the attendees on the tragic situation of the Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian people and Christians in Iraq.

“In order to prevent our people’s displacement from Iraq, formation and recognition of an autonomous administration in Nineveh Plains must be expedited, in addition to political support,” he stated.

Director of Sallux Johannes de Jong is considered one of the most prominent supporters of the Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian people in Europe. 

He has made several visits to the regions of the Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian people in Syria and Iraq.

Along with the ESU and the Swedish MEP Lars Adaktusson, de Jong was one of the founders of the conference calling for autonomy for the people in Nineveh Plains in 2017.

Also in attendance was Chairperson of Stichting Schlomo, the Netherlands affiliate of Syriac Cross, Sandra Korteweg-Vermeer.

Calls for autonomy by Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian political parties have been increasing as the unstable political, security, and economic situation in Iraq continues to put pressure on the people of Nineveh Plains.