TURKEY: Syriac family from Germany renovates dome and provides bell for Kfarbe Church in Tur Abdin

TUR ABDIN, Turkey — A Syriac family originally from the village of Kfarbe in Tur Abdin in southeastern Turkey residing in Germany have arranged for the renovation of the Church of Mor Stephanos in the Kfarbe village.

Joseph Bodak and his brothers took it upon themselves to pay the costs of renovating the church’s dome and bell.

After maintenance work began on the dome, Joseph Bodak asked his local diocese in Germany if they could provide a bell for the church. Three months later, the diocese replied that they had an extra bell and they would present it to the Bodak family to be transported to the church.

The Bodak family presented this service to the church as an offering for the soul of their father, Daoud Bodak.