IRAQ: Nineveh Criminal Court issues sentences of up to 100 years against property forgery network

MOSUL, Iraq — The Integrity Commission in Iraq arrested a group of people responsible for making forged documents in the Real Estate Registration Department in Mosul, Iraq.

An informed source told Shafaq News that the Nineveh Criminal Court issued rulings against the director and employees of the Real Estate Registration Department, municipality employees, and a number of influential civilians working in the real estate field who contributed to the forgery operations for their own benefit.

On Monday, a security source in Nineveh Governorate reported that the number of sentences issued against the former director of the department for forgery crimes amounted to 98 years. He is awaiting sentencing on other charges. The minimum sentence given to those charged was 10 years.

Earlier, the Integrity Commission arrested a forgery network of more than 10 people, including employees of the same department in Mosul on charges of manipulation and forgery against public and private properties.