ISIS women reveal Turkey’s role in smuggling them out of Al-Hol Refugee Camp in North and East Syria

AL-HOL, Syria — Amid the continued attempts of members of the Islamic State (ISIS) to escape from Al-Hol Refugee Camp in North and East Syria, North Press Agency revealed in a video report the obvious Turkish role in helping ISIS women to escape.

According to the report, ISIS women are paying thousands of dollars to a Turkish relief organization to facilitate their escape to areas under Turkish control in northern Syria.

The Internal Security Forces (ISF) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) of North and East Syria have thwarted several escape attempts and arrested several women before they reached their destination.

According to one of the women in the camp, the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is used to smuggle ISIS women via a car that collected garbage in the camp in exchange for sums of more than $18,000 USD.

Escape attempts are expected to continue in the face of the international community’s refusal to repatriate their ISIS nationals detained in the region.

The ISF and SDF have been making great efforts in controlling the camps and thwarting the escape attempts.