Armenian Social Council calls for halting Turkey’s settlement projects in Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Co-Chair of the Armenian Social Council in Hasakah Canton, North and East Syria, Ariev Qasabian stated that Turkey’s control of Syrian lands, displacement of Armenians, and seizure of their properties, is a systematic Turkish policy with the aim of eliminating the history, civilization, and existence of the Armenian people.

“This Turkish policy started about a hundred years ago when the Ottoman Empire committed genocides against the Armenians and Syriacs,” she added, indicating that the Turkish-occupied areas of northern Syria are witnessing demographic change amid international silence.

Qasabian remarked that the international community’s silence is a tacit approval of Turkey’s campaign of ethnic cleansing, making Europe and the U.S. complicit in the extermination of the ethnic groups of the region.

She also criticized the Arab League’s silence and the cooperation of Arab organizations, especially Kuwati organizations, that have been cooperating with the Turkish occupation and funding settlement projects on Syrian territory.

She called on human rights organizations and the United Nations to intervene and stop the Turkish–Kuwaiti settlement project and put an end to Turkish violations against peoples of the region.