Toll of Turkish attacks in North and East Syria continues to climb

TEL TAMR and ABU RASAYN, Syria — According to Hawar News Agency, Turkey has destroyed 14 schools, several administrative buildings, and a number of mosques, churches, and shrines in the areas of Tel Tamr and Abu Rasayn (Zarkan) since it invaded in October 2019.

The Turkish bombing has not only caused the displacement of civilians and the destruction of property but has also deprived children of education.

Places of worship have been likewise targeted, including the Syriac–Assyrian shrines of Tel Shnan and Tel Juma’a.

It also destroyed the People’s Municipality and Qabr al-Qarajneh Municipality in Tel Tamr and targeted the electricity networks over 25 times, often depriving the region of power, including the area’s only medical center.

Local lecturer and academic on democracy Ahmed Haidar condemned the inability or unwillingness of the international community to pressure Turkey into ending its violations and the region.

Haidar called on the international forces to assume their responsibilities in implementing humanitarian law.