New parish monastery to be opened in Zakho, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

ZAKHO, Iraq — The pastor of the Diocese of Zakho in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) Mor Felix Said al-Shabi, along with several priests, the faithful and the attendees celebrated the feast of Saints Peter and Paul.

During the event, the foundation stone was laid in the Dirabon village, for a new parish monastery, a center for spiritual sports and a new church.

The event took place in the presence of mayor of Zakho Mushir Muhammad, director of Rizkari district Adeeb Jaafar and member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Saleh Haider.

Several priests, local partisans, representatives of churches, the faithful and the youth from various centers of Zakho also attended the event.

The clerics thanked the attendees for their continuous support for the Christians and the various ethnic groups in the KRI.