Beth Nahrain Patriotic Union in Iraq participates in panel discussion on Iraq’s political future

ANKAWA, Iraq — A dialogue seminar about political developments and minority rights in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) was held on Monday at the headquarters of the Mandaean Culture Association in Ankawa, Iraq.

A delegation from the Beth Nahrain Patriotic Union (Bethnahrain Patriotic Union, HBA), including member of the Political Bureau of the Public Relations Office Qusay Sliwa and member of the Executive Office and official of the Erbil-Ankawa Media Office Ma’rib Imad, participated in the event.

The discussion included two main topics covering the political crisis and legal outcomes in the country, as well as the electoral and legal problems that led to the political blockage related to the Federal Presidency.

The seminar also touched on the election law in the KRI.

Participants stated that some of the changes to the quota system in the regional government do not meet the aspiration of effective participation of minority groups.