Head of the Lebanese Forces Party Geagea receives a delegation from the Universal Syriac Union Party

BEIRUT – Head of the Lebanese Forces Party Dr. Samir Geagea received a delegation from the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) including USUP President Ibrahim Mrad, USUP Vice President Leila Latti, and USUP Secretary-General Michel Mallo in Maarab, Lebanon, on Wednesday.

Also in attendance were Lebanese MP Razi al-Haj, Assistant Secretary for Regional Affairs Joseph Abu Joudeh, Assistant Secretary-General for Elections Affairs Jad Damian, and the Matn Coordinator Pierre Razzouk.

Geagea opened the meeting with a welcome speech, thanking the attendees for their efforts in the recent elections, especially their contribution to achieving positive results.

He added that the Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) people are considered one of the most appreciative denominations of Lebanon, who struggle to achieve free existence and democracy for all Lebanese.

Geagea touched on the issue of the maritime borders with Israel, saying that the successive governments which were named “governments of Hezbollah and the eighth of March” did not achieve any results on this issue.

“Recently, at a time when we are approaching the extraction of oil, Hezbollah surprised us with launching three drones towards the platform that Israel had setup close to the 29th border line,” he declared.

Geagea indicated that Hezbollah’s regional partisan step had nothing to do with the interests of the Lebanese people and actively harmed the country by distracting the government and obstructing its work.

Regarding the elections, Geagea stated that the Lebanese people elected the MPs to take practical steps for change on the ground. However, no practical steps against the negative influence of Hezbollah have been taken so far.

He called on the Lebanese MPs for greater determination to achieve the desired goal and overthrow Hezbollah.