Sovereign Front for Lebanon rejects raising communication cost

BEIRUT — Commenting on the new pricing imposed by the Ministry of Communications in Lebanon, the Sovereign Front for Lebanon issued a statement rejecting the move.

“After the many taxes against the Lebanese people and theft by the ruling class, the Ministry of Communications announced new, unjust pricing that the Sovereign Front for Lebanon considers a new financial crime against citizens,” read the statement.

The statement indicated that after depriving the Lebanese of most of their basic needs, including medicine, water, electricity, fuel and others, the cost of communications was raised.

“The Sovereign Front for Lebanon would begin an in-depth legal study to stop these unfair decisions,” the statement added.

The statement clarified that the Sovereign Front for Lebanon, in adherence to the concept of the state and institutions, took its decision to confront these unfair decisions against the Lebanese people by resorting to judicial and administrative avenues to nullify all decisions taken by the Ministry of Communications.

The Front lawyers are completing the legal study to make an appeal against every decision that would deprive the Lebanese people of their basic rights and livelihoods.

The Front announced adopting appropriate means to confront policies which would impoverish the Lebanese people.