IRAQ: Beth Nahrain Organization for Women holds 2nd Art Exhibition in Bartella and Karamlesh

KARAMLESH and BARTELLA, Iraq — Under the title “Psychology of Youth through Painting,” the Beth Nahrain Organization for Women (BNOW) held the 2nd Art Exhibition in Bartella and Karamlesh in the Nineveh Plains region of Iraq. 

The paintings were created on the Gardens of the Syriac Orthodox Cultural Center on Thursday with the support of the Dutch non-profit organization Stichting Ismael.

The event began with a minute of silence for the souls of martyrs and the Iraqi national anthem. BNOW President Hanan Matti Touma delivered a speech in which she spoke about childhood and its importance. She also highlighted the important roles played by women and youth in society. Ensuring a safe and enriching childhood is an important aspect of ensuring a healthy and prosperous future for society.

Touma detailed the BNOW’s work defending women’s rights and empowering them economically through the courses it organizes.

She thanked the BNOW staff in Bartella and Karamlesh, including teachers and assistants within this project.

Graduation certificates were distributed with a symbolic gift to the participants in the exhibition. The exhibition was opened by the cutting of a ribbon by Touma and Father Kyriakos al-Bartelli in the presence of governmental officials and journalists.

The BNOW shield for Creativity and Excellence was presented to the head of the Iraqi Center for Media Freedom’s Nineveh Branch and Director of Suroyo TV in Iraq Hani Matti.