Syrian Democratic Forces of North and East Syria thwart plan to smuggle ISIS families from Al-Hol Refugee Camp

AL-HOL, Syria — The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) of North and East Syria announced that an Islamic State (ISIS) sleeper cell aiming to smuggle women associated with the group out of Al-Hol Refugee Camp and move them to areas under the control of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) was broken up.

“The SDF, with the participation of the Internal Security Forces (ISF), launched a campaign to eliminate ISIS cells in Hasakah, Al-Hol, Tal Hamis, Tal Brak, and Dayrik,” the SDF stated. “During the campaign, 12 ISIS operatives were arrested, and a large amount of ammunition, weapons, and military equipment were confiscated.”

In its statement, the SDF drew attention to the increased preparations of ISIS cells to launch attacks in North and East Syria, taking advantage of the Turkish threats to invade the region and attempt to reorganize itself in the ensuing chaos.

The SDF revealed that the amount of weapons and military equipment seized during the campaign included four automatic rifles with 300 bullets, two pistols with 20 bullets, four hand grenades, one landmine, a remote detonator, 18 cell phones,10 identity cards, and six passports.

The SDF accused Turkey and the SNA in northwest Syria of directing ISIS cells and protecting ISIS leaders.