The Turkish attack on Nohadra, Iraq draws popular denunciation

ZAKHO, NOHADRA, Iraq — Campaigns of denunciation continued between Iraqi politicians, political parties and citizens, against the blatant Turkish attack on a tourist site in Zakho in Nohadra (Duhok) in Iraq.

The denunciations developed into popular demonstrations that stormed the Turkish consulate Baghdad.

 Alsumaria TV, quoting a security source, stated that the protesters tried to cross the first security line towards the Turkish consulate. Circulated videos showed a quarrel between the protesters and the security personnel deployed in front of the Turkish consulate.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi directed the rehabilitation of the Iraqi Army capabilities, after accusing Turkey of carrying out the attack. He also directed the security leaders to focus on the intelligence effort and raise the levels of training and awareness.

Baghdad demanded Turkey to withdraw its military forces from Iraq, provide an official apology and compensate the families of the martyrs and wounded.

 Turkey refused to take responsibility for the attack, and accused the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Partiya Karkerên Kurdista, PKK).

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry stated that Turkey’s denial of responsibility for the attack is a black joke, which Iraqi diplomacy does not accept, as all indications confirm Turkey’s responsibility for the attack.

At the invitation of Al-Kadhimi, a meeting was held with leaders of the political blocs. They all affirmed the unity of the Iraqi national position in protecting Iraq’s sovereignty and the lives of Iraqi people.

They condemned the Turkish aggression and supported international complaints.

The Turkish attack was met with Arab condemnation. The Arab Parliament condemned the attack and considered it a flagrant violation of all international conventions.

Secretary-General of League of the Arab States Ahmed Aboul Gheit denounced the attack, and considered that Turkey should refrain from carrying out military operations inside the territory of Arab countries under any pretext.