Universal Syriac Union Party in Zahle, Lebanon, commemorates martyrs of Lebanese Christian Resistance

ZAHLE, Lebanon — The Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) commemorates the 1,132 Syriac martyrs who were martyred in the ranks of the Lebanese Christian Resistance. This year’s commemoration event was held in Zahle, Lebanon.

The event was attended by Lebanese MP Elias Stephan, former minister and MP Elie Marouni, USUP Secretary General Michel Mallo, Coordinator of Lebanese Forces in Zahle Michel Fattoush, Commissioner of the National Liberal Party Fares Chamoun, USUP Coordinator in Zahle Sandra Kfoury, and the general public.

A prayer for the martyrs was conducted by Father Joseph Najma.

During the remembrance, USUP President Ibrahim Mrad delivered a speech in which he stated that the central regime that governs Lebanon has proven its failure.

“We must forget and bury the central regime in Lebanon in order to remain in our land with dignity,” said Mrad. “The Lebanese people must not lose hope, remember the thousands of martyrs under this holy land, preserve their promise and not leave their land, Lebanon.”

The attendees laid wreaths on the monument of the Syriac martyrs.