Baghdad calls on UN Security Council to condemn Turkish blatant aggression in northern Iraq

NOHADRA, Iraq — In response to a complaint filed by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry following the Turkish bombing of a holiday resort in Zakho in Nohadra (Dohuk), Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), the U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting on Tuesday.

During the meeting, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein stated that the Turkish Army had committed an act of aggression on Iraqi territory. He also stressed that Turkey’s aggressive behavior might push matters to an unimaginable situation and confirmed Baghdad’s refusal to turn Iraq into a theater for the implementation of agendas and interests of other countries.

Hussein called on the Security Council to oblige Turkey to withdraw its forces from Iraq, adding that Baghdad hopes that the Security Council will realize the seriousness of the situation and assume its responsibility to maintain international peace and security.

He also demanded an independent international team be formed to investigate this hostile act since Turkey has not responded to calls to form a joint investigative mechanism. Hussein also demanded that the Turkish government pay compensation for those killed.

“We will undoubtedly hear, from the Turkish side, illegal justifications for the Turkish forces presence inside Iraq,” said Hussein, indicating that Turkey justifies that with a Turkish-Iraqi agreement that allows the Turkish military presence. No such agreement exists, Hussein stated.