Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria arrest eight on allegations of spying for Turkish intelligence

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — As part of its effort to crackdown on agents and spies undermining the security of the region, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in North and East Syria arrested eight people suspected of spying on behalf of Turkish intelligence.

After surveillance and a period of investigation, the ISF arrested Ahmed Muhammad Ibrahim, Abd Ismail Issa, Yasser Khalil Muhammad, Bakri Muhammad Issa, Ismail Muhammad Ibrahim, Hussein Ahmed Mohamed, Ahmed Mahmoud Khalaf, and Shams el-Din Rashid Qassem.

During questioning, the accused confessed to working with Turkish intelligence to identify military facilities and leadership, including leader of the Kobani Military Council, “Diller”, and leadership of the Ayn Issa Military Council “Mizgin Kobani”.

The official website of the Internal Security Forces published video and audio confessions of those arrested.