Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) organizes panel discussion to discuss Turkish threats and means to confrontation them

HOLEB, Syria — The Cafrin (Afrin) branch of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) of North and East Syria organized a panel discussion in Al-Shahba in the northern countryside of Holeb (Aleppo) on Turkish threats and means to confront them.

Representatives of political parties and civil institutions operating in the area participated in the panel.

Member of the SDC Executive Body Hassan Muhammad Ali stated that they are taking the latest Turkish threats seriously and stressed the need for necessary preparations to respond to any Turkish attacks, reported North-Press Agency.

Ali pointed out that the SDC is working politically to prevent Turkey from launching new attacks in northern Syria.

He added that the international powers will not allow Turkey to launch a new military operation in Syria and that Turkey no longer has the leverage it once did.

Ali stressed the dangers posed by the Turkish government through its support for extremist groups in the region.

“Turkey is allowing terrorism to expand again,” he concluded.