Sheleir Children’s Committee calls for end to Turkish targeting of children in North and East Syria

HASAKAH, Syria — Local non-profit Sheleir Children’s Committee issued a public opinion statement in Rish Ayno (Ras al-Ayn) Camp, east of Hasakah in North and East Syria, after a Turkish drone targeted a car in Sina’a neighborhood in Zalin (Qamishli) which resulted in the death of two children from the same family.

The Committee declared that targeting children in North and East Syria happens daily, amid international community silence.

“Stop Killing Children,” the statement demanded, calling for ending the conflicts that are happening in the region.

The Committee statement recalled the Turkish bombing of Tel Rifaat in the northern countryside of Holeb (Aleppo) which resulted in the injury of six children. Two years ago, near the same location, another six children were killed while they were playing.

The Sheleir Children committee is a local organization working on children’s issues across North and East Syria.