Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Mar Maurice Amsih denounces continued Turkish attacks on North and East Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA —In an interview with Hawar News Agency, Syriac Orthodox Archbishop of Gozart (Jazira) and Euphrates Mar Maurice Amsih denounced Turkey’s continued attacks on northern Syria, calling on all relevant organizations and countries to put an end to these crimes and violations.

Archbishop Amsih condemned the attacks carried out by Turkey on Tuesday which targeted civilian areas along the Syrian-Turkish border, killing several people, including children. In his statement, he condemned all the heinous acts carried out by Turkey, especially given the difficult political and economic conditions the people already suffer from.

Archbishop Amsih explained that the attacks against the region negatively affects all components of Syrian society. The aim, said the Archbishop, is to empty the region of its rightful inhabitants that have coexisted with each other for many years and to bring about a process of demographic change. Such an outcome will lead to an imbalance in society and its ultimate destruction, he added. These attacks have no religious or legal justification — no religion or law allows the killing of innocents, the Archbishop stated bluntly.

The Christian peoples of the region call for peace and love with all parties, said Archbishop Amsih, but terrorism never wants good for Syria’s peoples. Turkish officials must stop targeting the region, he stated, and the United Nations, international and humanitarian organizations, as well as the Russian and International Coalition guarantors must put an end to the Turkish attacks and prevent the planned Turkish invasion.