CJTF Commander condemns killing of civilians by any armed group

BAGHDAD, Iraq — The Commander Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve, U.S. Maj. Gen. John Brennan, issued a statement via Facebook about the recent meeting between members of the U.S.-led International Coalition with representatives of the local community in Hasakah, North and East Syria, on Tuesday.

They discussed concerns of community members about recent “military activity” in North and East Syria. 

“While greatly diminished, [the Islamic State] is still a threat to the people of Syria and the greater region,” read Maj. Gen. Brennan’s statement. “We remain committed to working alongside our partners to prevent the resurgence of the genocidal campaign and hateful ideology of ISIS.”

He condemned the interference of external parties that try to disrupt those operations and threaten the security of the civilians, in a reference to the recent Turkish attacks.

“We condemn the killing of civilians by any armed group,” Maj. Gen. Brennan added.

He stressed the commitment of the U.S.-led International Coalition to provide advice and assistance to empower regional partners to ensure the lasting defeat of ISIS in the region and provide them with resources and support to build a self-sufficient security force that provides safety and stability to their communities.