Co-Chair of Syrian Democratic Council Riad Darar: International community have done nothing to prevent Turkish attacks

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In recent comments, Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) Riad Darar stated that the recent Turkish escalations are the result of understandings reached between Russian and Turkey during the Sochi meetings, with Russia aiming to pull Turkey further away from NATO. Russia is taking advantage of what Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan perceives as American neglect, said Darar. This Turkish discontent also makes them try to provoke the American side, he elaborated, indicating that Turkey aims to strike civilians in North and East Syria to both displace the population and provoke the U.S.-allied Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). 

On the possibility of the return of diplomatic relations between the Syrian regime and Turkey, Darar did not rule out that there would be cooperation between them against the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA), pointing out that their goal of cooperation is to undermine the path of a political solution in Syria and this may be reflected in the opposition’s relations at home.

Not long after Darar’s comments, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu stated that he had briefly met with Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad in Belgrade. The announcement sent shockwaves through Turkish-occupied Syria, leading to widespread protests. 

Regarding the position of the international community on Turkey’s attacks, Darrar explained that the whole world is preoccupied with other problems. Syrians have become increasingly neglected and can only rely on themselves to solve their problems. Understanding must be reached between Syrians to develop a way forward and develop a political  solution to the decades long civil war.

The Syrian Democratic Council has taken several steps to confront the Turkish attacks, Darrar indicated, saying that they are constantly communicating with countries and forces that follow the situation in Syria. There are frequent messages exchanged on many issues, however no one moves, everyone waits, elaborated Darar. There are those who are trying to preserve “common interests” with the Turkish state and even the United Nations does not interfere, he concluded.