Executive Council of Syrian Democratic Council holds bi-annual meeting in Raqqa, Syria

RAQQA, Syria — The Executive Council of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) held its expanded bi-annual meeting in the city of Raqqa over two days where it addressed the quickly changing national, regional, and international landscape.

In the meeting, the Executive Council presented the SDC’s activities in the past period inside and outside the country at all political, diplomatic, and organizational levels.

On the political side, the meeting discussed at length the continuity of the global crisis, where international conflicts and low- and high-intensity conflicts are being fought around the world with the participation of international and regional powers.

On the Syrian issue, the meeting focused on the prolonged political crisis. There is a lack of signs of a solution in the near-term as a result of competing international and regional powers using Syria as a means of pursuing their own interests and the Syrian regime’s refusal to adopt political reform and democratic change, said meeting participants.

The meeting condemned the Turkish attacks and drones assassinations, its routine violation of the Syrian airspace and sovereignty, its indiscriminate bombing of innocent civilians, and its continuous threats to launch a new invasion and occupy more Syrian land.

The meeting concluded with the presentation of proposals and recommendations aimed at developing the work of the offices of the Executive Council, and submitting them to the Presidential Council for approval.